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Of course I'm sure we can all understand were your mother is coming from, she wants to be a part of your life, shes obvouisly overcome by greif by the mistakes shes made in the past. and its completely normal for you to resent her love now, when she was reluctent to give it in the past. Just remember, we could die tomarrow, and its best to have clean relationships with everyone. That doesnt mean jump back into her life, but don't block her off completly. It just takes ome mistake, that you regreat for the rest of your life. no matter how bad things have been before, just remember, she wants good now, and she wants you to be happy. So i would try to work things out with her. but thats just me. My father has done some very curel things to me in my life, but thats in the past now, and I know he is very sorry and feels guilty that he did that. so I forgive him. maybe you should forgive your mother?

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