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Well, see here. I am a Christin and i believe in Creationism, so here is what i think of all of it

Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory and the theory of evolution is that, what caused it. What caused everything to explode in the big bang theory. There was not more matter, because according to the law of conservation of matter, matter can not be created or destroyed, so there would be nothing to cause the "big bang" to happen. So if it did happen, what caused it??? and where was all of this matter that was the size of a speck located?

Evolution says we evolved from single celled organisms. How is that possible they are single celled, and if that did happen, wouldn't it be cancer! (cancer is the over reproduction of cells). So, if evolution did happend, what casued us to slowly change over time. How did a fish suddenly come out of the water and breath. And what fish did it mate and survive with it to give it legs and arms. That is not how breeding works. Kinda

Down to the point

all of this must be cause by something and weather it did happen or not, something must have caused it! done!
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