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guys not that this isnt fun to allways talk about penis size but seiriously we had a huge ass sticky going on about this for awile.I mean how much can we talk about are penises. I personaly dont care i mean i know mine is small and i am not ashamed of it. I sereously we have to stop lising to what society tells us. We dont have to all be abricromby and fitch guys have six packs and have a 7 inch penis.if you do thats great but i have seen to many guys and girls at my school put them selfs down just because they dont look like the "populare" kids. I mean who cares if you have a 2 inch peins, or my be not as skinny as the people in the magizins. I say accept yourselph for who you are, and if people try to put you down for that. Welll ...... There are ways of dealing with them.

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