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Default Just started about a month ago and I already can't stop

I can't stop! I thought I could control it, but I can't! I've started to self harm and cut with odd things like fountain pen nibs, fingernail files, erasers, hot wax, scissors, etc., anything I can get my hands on... It's horrible! I want to stop so badly! Please help me, anyone! Why did I do this to myself!? I'm surprised no one has noticed...but then again, it is in very discreet places...or places that I can cover... I didn't and don't have it bad in life...or at least not as bad as some...but I'm not suicidal, and I shan't ever be! But I do need help...badly... But I supposed I do it to cover up the hurts of my other problems and painful emotions... and why is it that all my problems coincide with certain personality traits I have!?
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