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Question Re: Dreaming of Rape

Originally Posted by schrei jess View Post
It's becoming obvious to me that I have a lot of dreams of rape. I dont know why I do, I havent been raped before - I was molested when I was 7 but I dont really remember it, and it just isnt making sense as to why I dream like this. Ill explain the dreams to you, maybe then someone can help me stop dreaming this.

The first dream is weird, really. I was in some sort of devil worshipping "gang", but I didnt really worship the devil I just liked the people so I hung out with them. There was this younger girl in the group, like 11 years old and she was smoking a cigarette so I said, "Put out the cigarette, dont be a dumbass." and she got pissed off and started yelling at me. So I said "See, this is why I believe in God." and I said I was leaving the group and started walking off. Well the group leader ran towards me and grabbed me, then threw me into the trunk of his car. Everyone got into the car and they started driving. Then they got to some huge house, and then came to the trunk and let me out then took me to a huge dark room with nothing but an old mattress and a video camera. The leader threw me onto the mattress and him and his brother raped me at the same time. It happened over and over, I was like stuck in there for days. The rest doesnt matter.

And then other dream is also weird. My mother sent me to some type of boarding school. The only part I remember was when I was getting raped. I was in a classroom, which was actually my Earth Science classroom at school. There were tons of students in there at their desks and the teacher raped me in front of them, and I was screaming so loud but no one outside of the room heard me. I just kept screaming and screaming but no one heard. And after he had finished, I started to crawl away but then he said, "You know what, Im going to do it again." and then he started raping me again. It was terrible, all the other kids just watching.

Why am I dreaming like this? Someone help me! And Im sorry if this isnt a good place to put it, but seemed like the only appropriate place.

My friend had the same thing... im tiring to find out why!!!!
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