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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by ficn9292 View Post
I'm uncut. I can't really say whether it feels better or not as i don't know how it feels to be cut. But all i can say is that my foreskin hurts a bit when i pull it all out. I'm 17 yo so it should be normal but why does it hurt? It hurts only when i jack off (erect) and not when i pull it full back being flaccid. Any idea? ;S
Originally Posted by ficn9292 View Post
Well yeah, kind of. Do I need to get cut really?
OK, your foreskin hurts to retract when you're erect b/c the penis gets wider then. So, it's more difficult to pull the foreskin back then, so it hurts.

Only your doctor can determine if circumcision is required. In the vast majority of cases, tightness can be fixed with gentle stretching over time, sometimes the doc gives a steriodal cream which speeds that process up.

As long as you can pass urine and you can still get an erection without excruciating pain, try the stretching exercises.
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