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Originally Posted by Deschain View Post
I'm not personally, though I've been considering it. Their beliefs are interesting and they have a number of nice morals I can fully agree with.

And most atheists I talk to wonder why religious people are so hostile to them. I can appreciate enthusiasm for the subject, but there comes a point when outspokenness becomes arrogance, and arrogance is annoying.

Because you simply cannot view the world from another way of thinking, Death. Atheists will criticize religion because it teaches nothing scientific, but you fail to notice that religion will criticize science because it has no morals attached to it.

Religion is not supposed to be based on conclusive facts and science is not supposed to have any morals or life teachings attached to it.

Religious people have, in the past and today, tried to use science to justify their beliefs, and it always fails. Though I am quite frankly disappointed that you cannot realize you are no better, in attempting to apply your line of thinking (scientific) to something it was never intended to explain.

You're basically just repeating yourself now.

Athiests' arguments can have morals attatched to it. Why do oyu think otherwise? Also, you are being quite hypocritical in the way that you think that I cannot view something from someone elses' persepctive. Religion is a thereory where no-one tries to back it up so it is therefore, to me, not very believable. People with faith have no real evidence to use in argument except that they believe in it so they hate being critised. To say otherwise is ignorance.

Originally Posted by INFERNO View Post
Death you don't seem to grasp this idea that was discussed in another thread where you said you understood it but you really haven't and this further shows it.

You cannot analyze religion using science or science using religion. If you do, then you're going to make one hell of a mess and fall flat on your face. This is something that you seem to not grasp: analyze religion with religion and analyze science with science.

Religion is based on faith which is not going to be scientific, it's not going to use science to justify what it states. It's based on the idea that you have a belief with little to no evidence for it, so when you bounce in and say that it has no or little scientific proof, then you're simply re-stating the definition of it. You're not using direct scientific terms, such as scientific theory and such but your answer is a spitting image of a scientific paradigm. Learn the fundamentals of science and of religion, then hopefully it will make sense to you. Otherwise, you'll be supported by people who don't understand it either and fall flat on your ass when someone does understand it.
That's becuase the idea, IMO, isn't true. There is much evidence that supports the idea of a way of the world being made an working that does not invlolve God. How are you supposed to dispel religion with religion? What am I supposed to say? God doesn't exist becuase God tells me so? As you can probraly see, that sounds retarded since I would be contradicting myself. What I need to throw in are facts like: God doesn't exists because he doesn't kill non-believers and other 'sinners' as the bible commands in the old testament or nothing happens when you pray. You may well believe in God yourself (I am not saying that this is true however) but that doesn't mean that you should demand that people dissprove his existance in the most ineffective (as in non-proving) ways.

Originally Posted by Wayvrn View Post
"O RLY?!" Name failed to name any whilst posting moar ignorence towards me. You're quite the troll on this topic, yes. Because it seems to us that you do not know much about religion and you're just flaming everybody that is either Athiest or Religion to try for us to be equal.

So please, work harder on you're posts in the future.
I agree. It is obvious that he cannot find 10 things and all he is doing is making excuses. Also sad.

Originally Posted by sebbie View Post
You really are an idiot if you think there is less than 10 good things in the Bible or any religion.

Who started shooting of saying religion is fact, I am sure it was your friend Wayvrn who incorrectly stated that science has disproved religion.
Now that is just plain, fucking stupid. He never said that there was only 10 things. You obviously cannot find any so you are wrong. Quit pissing people off and accept that you are not able to find them.

I for one, do not believe in God. I won't say why for obvious reasons.

Originally Posted by Donkey View Post
Perhaps the entire argument [the death penalty] can be summarised in just a sentence.

We kill people who kill people to show others that killing is wrong.

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