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Ok, this is REALLY long but it's a story i wrote and i thought you'd like to read it
Her name is Mary; she’s a sixth year Ravenclaw in my Transfiguration class. But she doesn’t belong at Hogwarts. She doesn’t even belong on this earth. She belongs in heaven with all the other beautiful angels. Because that’s what she is to me. An Angel. She has long flowing, golden hair down past her shoulders that shines constantly and is soft to the touch. Not that I’ve touched her hair, but it looks that smooth! And she has these wide eyes, honey coloured that look like they’re trying to take in everything she sees. Her long perfect legs tease me when she walks. I like the sway of her hips when she walks too. Like I said before… or did I? It doesn’t matter, I’ll say it again (again being if I’ve already said it), Mary is the most wonderful, perfect, girl I know! Well… technically I don’t know her. I’ve never actually plucked up the courage to even say ‘hi’. I know… I’m a bloody coward. Some Gryffindor.

“Um… Ron?” I snapped out of my day dream to find the person that said my name. And there she was, those perfect honey eyes were looking at me! That perfect mouth let my name exit them! She must not have thought I heard her because she said my name again! “Ron?”

“Y-yes?” I asked as I tried to memorize the sound of her soft, sweet voice.

“Do you have any extra parchment? I’ve only just run out…” Do I have any extra parchment? she asks. Bloody hell… I wanted to say ‘Any thing for you my precious Marry! My wish is our command. I’ll get whatever it is you want! Do you want the moon? I’ll get it for you right now and be back in time to take you to lunch! Sooner if you want!’, but no… all that came out of my dumb mouth was “Sure.” and I handed her a roll. But I guess it was just as good as ‘Any thing for you my precious Marry! My wish is our command. I’ll get whatever it is you want! Do you want the moon? I’ll get it for you right now and be back in time to take you to lunch! Sooner if you want!’, because she flashed me the most gorgeous smile and said “Thanks Ron!” in that sweet voice of hers.

“Y-you’re welcome M-Mary!” Oh man. She now probably things I’m a stuttering fool! I couldn’t even say her name without freezing up! Merlin, I’m terrible. I’ve probably ruined any possible chance I may have had with her. HA!! Like I even had a chance! What would someone as perfect as Mary see in a complete dunderhead like me? I’ll never compare to her. She’s tall and slender with an amazing figure; I’m just tall and lanky. And my flaming red hair is nothing next to her flowing golden hair. Plus my blue eyes, I think they’re my favorite part of me, but they are so dull when you look into her wide honey ones. Did I mention that there are specks of emerald in her eyes too? Well I am now. I’m average… but Mary Elizabeth Waters is-”

“Earth to Ron!” I blinked and saw my best friend Harry hovering over me. “Are you there? Class is over, it’s lunch time! Were you daydreaming about-” I jumped up and quickly placed my hand over his mouth. He almost let out that I have been madly in love with Mary Waters since our 2nd year… well, maybe not that much information, but in my defense he was going to say that I have and still do daydream about her.

“SHH!!! Are you mental!? She could have heard you! You could have let out my deepest secret!” His mouth began to move and sound came out, but all I could understand was “Evphmone hiz ghonmph!” That’s when I realized my hand was still on his mouth. I removed it to let him speak. “Sorry mate, what’d you say?”

“Everyone is gone, class is over…” I looked around and saw that he was right, the class was empty. “Now c’mon, you’ve had a crush on this girl for-”

“Love,” I corrected him “it’s love mate.”

“Fine! You’ve been in love with this girl for 3 ½ years! I think it’s time for you to talk to her! Ask her to go to Hogsmeade with you, do something. You’re beginning to drive me mad!”

“Alright, what about you then?” I decided to reverse the tables. See, he doesn’t know that I overheard Hermione and him talking about a girl he’s liked since his 2nd year as well. I’m not to thrilled about who it is, but better him than any other guy… Anyways I know he’d never get the nerve to actually admit to her. “As soon as you ask my sister out I’ll talk to Mary.” his eyes widened. I do believe I put him in quite the pickle.

“What makes you think I want to ask Gin out?” Denying it is he? Well let’s see… I thought back to the conversation, once I had a few lines picked out I began to mimic them for him. “Oh Hermione, I don’t know what to do! I like her so much, but I’m afraid that she’s given up on me’… ‘Ginny is great, but I can’t ask her out… Ron would kill me!’… ‘I had a dream about her last night-’” that’s when he cut me off.

“You were listening to a private conversation!?”

“It’s not like you were keeping it down! Besides, now you know I approve!” He just turned and stomped away. I followed off course since he was going to the Great Hall…. food. When we got there however he went straight to Ginny, now my eyes widened. I didn’t actually think he’d talk to her! After a minute she got up and he took her hand. I thought they were leaving but they walked over to me.

“Ron! Harry’s asked me out.” she smiled but that faded when she saw my face. “Don’t you even Ronald Weasley! I know you’d rather me date Harry than any other of these blokes!” I nodded and they walked off, but not before Harry whispered to me.

“Your turn.” was what he said. I knew it was, because a deal is a deal.

I looked around and spotted her. The sun from the enchanted ceiling was shining on her, which made her look even more like an angel. I took a deep breath, but knowing what I was about to do I felt nausea’s. I grabbed my bag and dashed out of the Great Hall. For some reason my feet took me to the library. As I sat down at a table it hit me, I’d write her a letter! I took out quill, parchment and ink and thought for a moment. I decided on what to write so I began the note:

I’ve liked you for a long time.
Unfortunately I’ve never had
the courage to ask you out or
even talk to you, so I was just
wondering if you would meet
me tomorrow at Hogsmeade in
the Three Broomsticks. If you
decide to come just look for the
guy with a rose.

I reread it. It all sounded good… except where I signed my name, what if she took one look at it and decided not to come. I can see it now, ‘Oh I know this bloke… I borrowed parchment from the stuttering fool.’ and out it goes in the trash. Nope, I was at least going to get her to come meet me. I decided to use the name I accidentally wrote on an essay when the quill went haywire. I magically erase ‘Ron’ and resigned it: Roonil Wazlib. I folded it up, addressed it to her, and went off to the Owlry. I couldn’t use Pig since everyone knows who he belongs to, so I picked out a school owl and tied my letter to him. Once he flew out the window I went to Gryffindor Tower. I was to nervous for classes.

So the teachers didn’t notice me I took a little detour through an empty corridor, didn’t I get quite the eyeful… there my little sister and best mate were snogging the hell out of each other.

“OI HARRY! GINNY!” they broke apart and looked at me. “You two haven’t even been dating for two damn hours and you’re already shoving your tongues in each others mouths!” I saw Ginny give Harry an ‘I’ll handle this’ look and she turned on me.

“Ron… I. Am. Fif. Teen. Years. Old. BUTT OUT! You should trust Harry and I! You’ve known us both forever! Get over it! And ask Mary out!” I stared at her. How did she know? But I didn’t get a chance to ask because she was already dragging Harry off. I decided to just let them be and continued on to Gryffindor tower.

“Elf Monkey.” I said to the Fat Lady, she swung forward and let me in. I walked straight to my dormitory. When I got there I threw my bag on my bad and began ransacking my trunk for a suitable outfit for tomorrow. I was having absolutely no luck whatsoever. It didn’t matter what came out of that trunk, all I could think about was how plain I’d look next to her. Even if she came with a plain white t-shirt and jeans my outfit still wouldn’t compare to hers!

After a few hours of looking I heard someone walk in, I turned to see Harry with wide eyes looking around.

“Um… whoa! Ron… did a cyclone hit this place?” I looked around and saw ALL of the items from my trunk were strewn everywhere. “What happened in here?” Harry asked sympathetically. I felt myself turn very red.

“Well… I was sort of looking for an outfit to wear tomorrow…” I scratched my ear as he took a look around. When he was done he just raised an eyebrow at me.

“All this to find an outfit for Saturday?” That’s when I remembered that I completely forgot (yeah oxy-moron!) to tell Harry what I did.

“Oh right, yeah… you see I wrote a letter to Mary. I told her to meet me in the Three Broomsticks at noon. Oh but I didn’t actually sign my name… I signed Roonil Wazlib instead and told her to look for a guy with a rose.” He nodded as if approving what I did.

“Clever… here wear this.” He reached on the bed next to him and handed me a maroon button-up long sleeved shirt, a plain white t-shirt, and khaki pants (a/n: Light_My_Way, I realized after I wrote this that it was practically the exact outfit you have Ron wear in ‘Struggling with Memories’ sorry! To all my readers~ if you haven’t already check out ‘Struggling with Memories’ and other great stories by Light_My_Way!). I looked at the outfit then at Harry greatfully.

“Brilliant! I’ve been here hours looking for something suitable! I probably never would have found anything… thank you so much Harry!” He looked at me uneasily… I recognized it as the same look Hermione and I give him when we think he’s being mental… HEY! I’m not being mental… But now that I look at the room I can see I am.

“Ron, take a deep breath…” he paused, I assumed for me to take that deep breath so I did… and he continued “Listen, you are going to be fine… alright?” I nodded. “Just be yourself, alright mate?” I looked at him like he was mad.

“Are you saying I should be myself?” He nodded and looked at me like I was mad. “Harry… If I’m myself it would scare her to pieces!” He got one of those faces on that told me I was in for a lecture… of course I’m glad Hermione isn’t here because her lecture would last hours! Harry’s will probably be a quick ‘You’re great~ blah blah blah!’ than it’s over.

“Ron! You are sooo thick sometimes!” I bet he wanted to say ‘all the time’. “If you don’t be yourself, you will be starting a potential relationship on a lie! You’re great,” told you, “and any girl would have to be senseless not to see that!” I couldn’t help but smile at the predictability, Harry must have taken that smile as an ‘I guess you’re right’ smile because he didn’t start up again. This is a very good thing because I don’t think I would’ve lasted through anymore.

“Thanks mate, oh hey, be pal… help me clean up would ya?” I asked hopefully, He took out his wand and we both yelled “SCOURGIFY!” my trunk contents found their way neatly (even more neatly than before) to my trunk.

“Now how about accompanying me to a spot of dinner?” Harry offered formally. I gave him a comical look as my stomach gave a pretty loud grumble.

“A ‘spot’ of dinner? I’m so hungry I’ll probably eat so damn much the house elves’ll have to bring in reinforcements to make enough to fill me up!” Harry laughed as we descended the boy’s dormitory staircase and headed for the exit. Just as we climbed out of the portrait hole we saw Hermione running up the stairs towards us.

“Ron! Did you send a letter to Mary Waters!?” my stomach did about twenty summersaults when I heard her say ‘Mary’.

“Yeah why?” I was very curious as to how she found out about this, I didn’t tell her so it was almost impossible for her to know. Well unless--

“W-well… um… I was walking by her and her friends and… and I caught a bit of their conversation… she um…she said ‘I don’t know! It just says Roonil Wazlib.’ Well I heard her say Roonil Wazlib and I knew immediately it was you. It was only just last week that you were using that quill from Fred and George and you spelled ‘Roonil Wazlib’ on one of your essay’s.” I was listening intently by now, but was eager to get on with it.

“What else did she say!?” I asked, but probably a little too roughly because Hermione looked alarmed and a bit tense, but she recovered almost immediately.

“W-well she… she also um… she also said… well nothing really that I heard. I mean one of her friends asked if she was going to go and --”

“What did she say!?” I asked excitedly. This is what I wanted to hear.

“She said ‘Yeah, I’ll go, he sounds n-’”.

“YES!”I yelled as I punched the air with my fist. Mary Waters is meeting me tomorrow! I can’t believe it!

“Is he ok?” I heard Hermione asking Harry as we began walking towards the Great Hall for dinner. So many possibilities filled my head as I heard Harry tell Hermione about infatuation with this magnificent girl.

I woke up at quarter to ten the next morning. I’m really surprised I even went to sleep in the first place. I know I laid in my bed for a couple of hours feeling both happy and nervous that I would finally be talking with Mary. I guess I drifted off just before I started have my doubts.

I got out of bed, grabbed my clothes and headed off to take a quick shower. I was a bit tense but the warm water hitting my back loosened up my muscles up a bit. I finished washing up, got out, and used a quick drying spell to dry myself off. I pulled on my khaki’s and put both of my shirts on. I left my maroon shirt unbuttoned exposing my white undershirt, you could kind of see through it to my Quidditch toned muscles... I guess you can call them muscles...

After brushing my hair and checking the mirror I walked off to breakfast. Harry and Hermione were already there so I sat next to them.

“Ooo, you look really nice Ron!” Hermione told me sounding impressed. I felt my cheeks heat up as I blushed. “Very nice indeed!” she said admiring me from all angles.

“Thanks ‘Mione.” was all I could say, my stomach was out of control and I felt like I was going to be sick. Despite all that I still thankfully had my never ending appetite... although I did eat really slowly. By time I finished it was 11:15. “Well I’m off to Hogsmeade.” I announced standing up.

“What in Merlin are you talking about? You don’t have to meet her until noon!” Harry remarked checking his watch. I nodded.

“I know but I need to get a rose.” Harry stared at me in disbelief and pulled out his wand.

“Look mate,” he said pointing to it. “this is no ordinary piece of wood, it’s called a wand, with just a simple wave and incantation you can conjure up a billion red roses!” An odd smile played across my face as I shook my head at my best mate.

“I don’t need a billion red roses, I only want one, and I want to buy it for her.” Hermione gave me an ‘Oh that’s so romantic!’ look which made me smile more. Harry just shrugged and said,

“Ok let’s go.” he started to get up but I put a hand up to stop him.

“No, I’m going to go on my own. I’m going to... to have the courage to talk with her ok?” Harry looked hurt that he wouldn’t be included in my first step to (try and) get a girlfriend, but he also looked surprisingly understanding.

I said good-bye to them and walked out of the Great Hall. When I was about ten steps away from the Great Hall I heard the [Great Hall] doors open. I spun around to see if it was Hermione or Harry trying to follow me... but nobody was there so I just kept walking.

When I got into Hogsmeade I walked into ‘Lady Madora’s Magical Flowers for Magical Moments’. The smell inside was intoxicating. I mean normally if you put a hundred different [good] smelling flowers in one room, the smells mix together and it’s quite frightening... but in here it was like Lady Madora put a spell on the place so you could smell each flower individually (mind you she probably did).

I searched around a bit before stopping in front of a great display of roses. The sign above all them said Magic Roses: They die, when the love dies.’ They are really pretty and seem to be fuller than any other rose (or any other flower for that matter) I’ve ever seen! So I picked on out and brought it up to the counter to pay.

“Is that all?” the lady behind the counter asked. I felt like being a smart arse and saying “No princess, I thought that after every item I pick out I would bring it up to you for approval.’ but I knew that saying that it would just get me a nasty glare and possibly a good hex, so I just kept my mouth shut.

“Yes ma’am.” she actually looked a bit surprised at my politeness. Do you look like one of those kinds of teens that would be rude or something?

“That’ll be five galleons and three sickles please.” I forked over the last bit of money in my pocket and left. About halfway to the Three Broomsticks I thought I heard someone behind me whispering and such, so I spun around... but the street was deserted so I continued to the pub. Once I got there I ordered two Butterbeers. I picked a table that was a little secluded and set the one Butterbeer and rose across from me.

I checked my watch and saw that it was 11:55... only 5 minutes. I watched the door intently but grew bored so I looked around me. The table closest to me looked oddly out of place, I mean the table was fine but two of the stools were really close together, and I don’t think they were like that when I came in...

But the sound of a door opening jerked me out of my suspicions. I looked and there she was! She looked so beautiful... she was wearing a pair of jeans and a white spaghetti strapped tank top... and she looked amazing! Her gorgeous eyes scanned the sea of students and their tables and landed on me. She smiled, all of her perfect teeth showing, and walked towards me.

“Hi Ron.” her voice rang sweetly in my ears.

“H-hi Mary, s-sit down.” I said foolishly, then figured I probably sounded bossy. “Only if you want to!” I said quickly. She just smiled and took her seat, I sat staring for a moment but her voice brought me back to reality.

“That’s a beautiful rose.”

“Not as beautiful as you.” when I said that we both blushed. I can’t believe I said that out loud!! She probably thinks I’m a nutter. “Um... I bought the rose for you, and the butterbeer too.” I said not being able to think of anything else to say.

“Thank you! That’s very sweet.” she took a sip of her Butterbeer and something in me sort of snapped. It was weird, but one minute I was staring at her and the next my feelings were pouring out of my mouth like a waterfall.

“Mary, I’ve liked you since my second year. You’re always on my mind... Everything about you is perfect an-” all of a sudden there was a crash beside me. I looked in time to see the two stools at the table nearest to me on the floor and a white trainer disappear. “Harry!” I yelled knowing he was under his invisibility cloak. He didn’t appear but I felt a tugging on my maroon shirt. I took that tug as ‘Come outside.” and figured he couldn’t very well take off his cloak in here.

“I should go.” I turned back to Mary who was blushing furiously. I didn’t want her to go all because of my friend, who couldn’t take ‘I need to do this alone’ as an answer.

“No Mary, please come outside with me and after I straighten this out we can go for a walk.” she nodded nervously and followed me out the door. When we got out Harry and Hermione were sitting on the bench against the wall.

“We’re sorry Ro-” they began, but I was getting angry for them ruining my date so I cut them off and started yelling.

“Why in bloody hell are you two here!?” Didn’t I tell you lot that I wanted to do this on my own? Why couldn’t you two just stay at the bloody castle like I asked!” they didn’t say anything, but Mary did.

“Ron, it’s my fault really.” I looked at her. Why was she taking the heat for my friends?

“No, they’re the ones wh-”

“No Ron... I... well I um...” she seemed to be struggling for the right words. “I’ve actually liked you since my 3rd year so I went to Harry to see if he could ask you our for me... but then he told me that you’ve liked me for awhile as well but that you were... mind you, these are his words... a bloody coward... so...” the light in my head clicked.

“This was a bloody set-up?” she cringed at my words.

“Not really a set-up, just... well... ok it was, but...” Mary sort of trailed off to let me process my thoughts. It was good and all that Mary likes me and all but... well there really is no ‘but’! Mary likes me!! A wide grin played across my face as I stared at her. She started to giggle and blush.

“What?” she asked through her giggling... her giggling is so cute...

“You like me? You... you’ve liked me since our third year?” I asked hoping to Merlin that I heard her right.” My smile got wider... if that was possible.

“Well then... um... since you like me... a-and I like you, um...” I wanted to ask her out but I didn’t know how! I’ve never asked out a girl... but she looked at me hopefully so I finally go the courage. “Would you like to be my girlfriend?” Now she smiled widely.

“I’d love to.”

Both Harry and Hermione smiled at us then Harry told Hermione to let us alone.

“Come on, let’s go get some Butterbeer. He tugged on her shirt and she reluctantly followed. After they were gone I turned to the one I’ve been dying to be with since forever.

“Shall we take a walk?” I asked. She nodded with that cute smile still on her face.

We were on the lane back to Hogwarts and I slipped my arm smartly around my girlfriend’s waist.
let me know what you think!!

*Every long lost road
led me to where you are
others who broke my heart
they were like northern stars
pointing me on my way
into your loving arms
this much i know is true
that God blessed the broken road
that led me straight to you.*
~*Rascal Flatts*~
(^^^^me and my b/f's song^^^^)
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