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Originally Posted by Julio caesar shavez the 4
2. Your Age: 14
3. Str8, gay, or bi?: Straight
4. Your boob size: B
5. Are you satisfied with your boob size?: Of Course
6. What would you say average size is?: B
7. Amount of Pubic Hair?: fair amount
8. Are you satisfied with your pubic hair?: So-so
9. Do you shave or wax your pubes?: Do every day
10. Do you consider yourself done with puberty?: hopefully not
11. Do you wear bikinis, thongs or what?: I i had to i would wear a bikini but i prefer nothing.

12. SEX
13. Would you show your boobs If a guy asked you to?: Anytime, anyplace, anywhere
14. Do you have a boyfriend?: Yep
15. Do you want one?: I have one.
16. Have you kissed someone?: Yep
17. Have you had sex with someone?: Yep
18. Did you enjoy it?: Who wouldnt
19. Oral sex?: Yep
20. Anal sex?: Yep
21. What other kinds?: Blowjob, rape.

23. Do You masturbate?: Yep
24. How often?: When I feel like it
25. Do you orgasm?: Yep
26. Do you do it often?: 95% of the time

27. PORN
28. Do you look at porn?: Yep
29. If so, what types?: Guys, guys, sex, girls-(1 or 2 times)
30. Have you ever been caught looking at porn?: Millions of times
31. Do you masturbate while looking at porn?: Yep

33. Do you take showers or baths?: Both
34. Do you have sleepovers with friends?: Yep
35. Do you compare boob sizes to friends?: Yep
36. Have you been seen naked by family members, by friends?: Of course. I do it all the time in summer. My bf, my bf friends, my younger sister, older brother, mum, dad...
37. Do your parents give you birth control?:
It is complusary for me.

I like tacos.
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