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Originally Posted by Death View Post
But yes, as was mentioned before, people shoouldn't start saying that religion is fact since there isn't real proof for that. Most pople don't mind criticism since you can argue back with evidence but the ten to think otherwise when it comes to faith. Why? Becuase they have no evidence to fight back with. They cannot support their far-fetched views so they have to object with the fact that they are being criticised instead. Sad.
Death you don't seem to grasp this idea that was discussed in another thread where you said you understood it but you really haven't and this further shows it.

You cannot analyze religion using science or science using religion. If you do, then you're going to make one hell of a mess and fall flat on your face. This is something that you seem to not grasp: analyze religion with religion and analyze science with science.

Religion is based on faith which is not going to be scientific, it's not going to use science to justify what it states. It's based on the idea that you have a belief with little to no evidence for it, so when you bounce in and say that it has no or little scientific proof, then you're simply re-stating the definition of it. You're not using direct scientific terms, such as scientific theory and such but your answer is a spitting image of a scientific paradigm. Learn the fundamentals of science and of religion, then hopefully it will make sense to you. Otherwise, you'll be supported by people who don't understand it either and fall flat on your ass when someone does understand it.

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