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Originally Posted by Lucid View Post
Is anybody a Wiccan? jw
I'm not personally, though I've been considering it. Their beliefs are interesting and they have a number of nice morals I can fully agree with.

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*Laughs*, yeah, thanks Wayvrn! How long it'll last? Can't be sure, but I know what I'm hoping for!
And most atheists I talk to wonder why religious people are so hostile to them. I can appreciate enthusiasm for the subject, but there comes a point when outspokenness becomes arrogance, and arrogance is annoying.

Originally Posted by Death View Post
But yes, as was mentioned before, people shoouldn't start saying that religion is fact since there isn't real proof for that.
Because you simply cannot view the world from another way of thinking, Death. Atheists will criticize religion because it teaches nothing scientific, but you fail to notice that religion will criticize science because it has no morals attached to it.

Religion is not supposed to be based on conclusive facts and science is not supposed to have any morals or life teachings attached to it.

Religious people have, in the past and today, tried to use science to justify their beliefs, and it always fails. Though I am quite frankly disappointed that you cannot realize you are no better, in attempting to apply your line of thinking (scientific) to something it was never intended to explain.

Originally Posted by Death View Post
Most pople don't mind criticism since you can argue back with evidence but the ten to think otherwise when it comes to faith. Why? Becuase they have no evidence to fight back with. They cannot support their far-fetched views so they have to object with the fact that they are being criticised instead.
You're basically just repeating yourself now.

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