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thanks yal
we got worse than now were trying to make this work again
the stupid shit he was telling me.. was amazing....

now he apologized for saying all the dumb shit he said
but that doesnt mean im just gonna let him do whatever now
fuck that!!! yal know what i mean

i told him to call me whatever the fuck he wants and he's gonna find out who gets messed up mentally later on... and that hes just disrespecting me by calling me these names now...

he tells me hang on and then later comes back on the phone telling me that hes sorry and he was stupid for doing that
cant say hes not stupid for doing but im in the process of forgiving trying to make this work too
im telling him he can talk to her but he tells me he doesnt want to... we'll see about that but im not gona tell him that and start anything...again cuz onlyi wanna make this work

yeah my trust for him is pretty low...but ill just keep on look out for them
2...if anything goes wrong..i am gonna show him what a bitch is and then im gonna see if he calls me anything
i cant be with soeone who disrespects me like that
its hard to say that yes he was my first and i trusted him with everything..
what can i do now?
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