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Dont be sorry Veronica, its what we're here for!

It seems like he has seriously dented your trust by hiding the fact that he speaks/spoke to her? And I really dont blame you

I obviously dont know much about the situation but maybe the two of you could reach some sort of compromise?
From what you have said, jsut now you dont want him to ever talk to her and he wants to.
It might be an idea to agree to him talking to her, but only if he doesnt hide anything. Let him know thats its alright to talk about her to you but only within reason. Did he tell you why he didnt mention it before?
I guess its going to be difficult to build up trust again, but jsut take it one day at a time and youll get there

Anyway, I really hope you manage to sort things out!
But only if he apologises for what he called you! David is right, he should respect you!
And if he doesnt...
*loads shotgun*
...Im straight there, k? hehe


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