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Originally Posted by Joyofpepsi2003
Like virginity is not having sex,
but think of the word, Anal Sex...
So you do lose your virginity if you have it...
I think in this age we have to classify lots of new kinds of virginity. For straight people, virginity traditionally means vaginal sex as you know.

But now, as a lot of kids are having sex earlier and earlier, to avoid the various "ages of consent", penetrative sex became something to wait for, and in the meantime they'd engage in various other types: oral, anal (not always) and mutual masturbation. This also got mixed in with the various messages on contraception; it's not always easy getting hold of condoms at early ages.

Of course, the law changed to keep up with these developments. In the eyes of the law, "sex" can mean any type of sexual activity.

I think your suggestion about there being different types of virginity is probably sensible to keep up with these trends. The original definition of the word "virgin" simply meant someone who hadn't done "x" before, where "x" can be anything.

In that respect, since oral, anal and vaginal sex are all different, involving different sensations, then logicially it would make sense to now have several kinds of virginity. There's nothing any more to say, in particular, that only one type of sex should be classed as the only type of "virginity"; society has changed a lot since then.

It's an interesting issue.
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