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Default New poem, just turned out today!

I'm very excited about this new poem I wrote today! I'd appreciate it emmensely if you would post your opinions. Here it is:

She stands upon the beaches of time,
gazing out across the sea,
feeling the cool sand
shifting beneath her bare feet.
She feels the wind’s tender touch,
caressing her skin,
playfully tossing her hair.
The sun’s warm rays kiss her flesh,
as she stares out into the distance,
scanning the horizon.
She sees the setting sun,
painting the skies with color and fading light.
She hears the calls of seabirds in the distance,
raising their voices in the descending dusk.
As the sinking sun disappears in the west,
she turns, walking along the shoreline.
She closes her eyes, feeling her feet sink into the damp sand,
the rising tide tickling her toes and lapping against her ankles.
Pale moonlight dapples the water,
dancing on the waves.
She licks her lips,
tasting the salty air.
She can smell the ocean.
Halting in mid-step,
She turns, looking back o’er her shoulder.
She sees her fading footprints,
slowly lapped away by the rising tide.
She lifts her eyes to the night sky,
reveling in the darkness surrounding her, enveloping her senses.
Her gaze pours over the sky,
reading the luminescent celestial bodies like printed words on the pages of a volume,
drinking in the stories of the stars, an ancient saga of ages past.
She stands in wonder, entranced by the beauty, enraptured.
She shudders, wrapping her arms about herself.
She gently tears her gaze from the sky,
closing her eyes and listening to the sounds of the waves,
caressing the shore.
She wanders towards the dunes,
seeking comfort in the soft mounds of white sand.
She lays her body down, resting among the reeds and rushes
growing among the dunes.
She closes her eyes, listening to the sounds of the earth,
savoring nature’s beauty…
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