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heather, idk how to say this any other way...she is minipulating you.
by mentioning your grandfather she is literaly making you go.
the things she said in the first letter...she is contorting you in every way possible in order to get her way.

"What ever I did I am sorry. I just hope you have a good happy life. Even if that means I am not a part of it."

^when i read that i got so effing mad! she is being a bad mother by putting you in a situation where she is making you choose your happiness over her.

and making you stay in that house should be a big no no...i am very nervous for you going back there. please call me if anything happens or if you just need to talk. we are all here for you Heather. you can do this, but just remember - you dont have to. you can call back and say that you dont want to go back to that house or that if she wants to see you so badly she can come to you not the other way around.

you always have options.
i love you,
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