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Default long arguement gone bad

lemme start off this has been going on since november..when my bf called this motherfucking bitch ass hoe...... just to talk to her.. behind my back and trying to hide it from me.
he knows i HATE the bitch for various reasons on what happend last year... with him and her...and i dont want it happening again
fuck it

well i guess im jealous..what can i say.... its only the truth..and last night we get into this big arguement about how i dont like himt alking to her cuz of what she said to him... while we were going out... and hes like well look what happend with you (and some dude i use to mess with) but i didnt mess around with him while we were going out nor hide it from him
so our arguements have just always been about the stupid hoe ass bitch.

we get into this big arguement about her and how i hate her n shit and then hes telling me why cant i let it go it was a jlong time ago
i go.. well it wouldnt have been in my mind if u hadnt called her in the first place and hid it from me
how am i suppose to know if ur gonna do it again behind my do i know ur not hiding stuff from me right now? especially about her cuz its always drama when it comes to her
so he gets pissed... and were still arguing and hes all basically saying if i would just let it go its over with and im annoying him witht his shit cuz i bring it up all the time
(yes i know its my fault for doign that but....would it be happening if he didnt have to sneak it behind my back?)
and he says if i was only cool about him talking to her then this wouldnt happen

we was still arguing and he called me a bitch
im like.. so im a bitch? yea....
said it 3x
im furious at this point also cuz he hung up on me
i tell him shit about how come u cant stay on the phone with me be a man and stay on besides hanging up and he said cuz hes tired of this shit..something like that
im PISSED he called me a bitch..and he called me one yesterday cuz of him..... i didnt call him one motherfucking word and im not planning on it
i just wanted to tell him fuck u and ur bullshit..... but... i didnt
i was just.... well thank u for being honest with least ur not lying about yesterday.

after that i just throw everything i can find i was sooo mad... i was punching walls and hitting shit

i cant even say i love u to him anymore... i did today cuz we hung out and acted like everything was cool.and i thought that it was..but now that im home... why did i do that?
i know itsmy fault for dwelling upon the past and bringing it up
but why did he do it to begin with?

if this doesnt make much sense im sorry im angry again just looking at everythign
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