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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

Okay, so I'm bisexual - a bisexual guy living in England... Last night I admitted it to myself and said it aloud. I always have (and will) love girls and their bodies but... Most recently I've been treated badly by them - taken advantage of, so...

When I was in primary school (like - lil' kid) me and my best mate used to sneak into the boys tiolets and kiss each other, and it was never bad... We didn't know the meaning of gay, I just think we had a love there...

Anyway, the dinnerladies used to stop us and eventually we stopped, but then I went to this guys house a few years later and he told me he was gay, at first I said I wasn't but then I caved in and I just enjoyed it, the whole experience we had. One night I was sleeping over at his and we got it on and his mum caught us, but when he asked me to back him up, admit we were gay I refused - I felt like a bastard but my family are so traditional, I still haven't come out to them yet...

After that I thought of myself as dirty for ever feeling attracted to him, but oh how I wish I could see him again,

I've had gfs and love titties (X^,
But recently get turned on heavily by gay porn, and I've started checking guys as well as girls, I'm scared my family will find out before I'm ready to tell them, and worst of all I've actually fallen in love with this guy called Lewis, I can't stop thinking about him, I hugged him a few months ago and just felt as though I didn't want to leave his grasp, but people were looking and I dudn't know wtf to think then,

I really love him but I don't know his orientation, I want a bf because whilst girls are hot they use me, and I need advice...

Please help...

This screw-up wants saving (:'^<

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