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Originally Posted by dying lullaby
Originally Posted by ///James///
listen, everything was just getting to me. nothing was making me feel good any more. i just got week and i gave up. i just havent been so happy this xmas at all; last night i basiclly was unable to sleep becouse i had so much on my mind. hopefully this will be just one slip, i dont want to make a habit of it.
i'm sorry you feel like that, james. its a horrible thing to feel but in the end cutting only adds to the greif. please listen to us when we advise you not to do this to yourself. we know what its like to have this sickness rule your life, and we truely dont want that for you.
thanks everyone

i feel that was just one slip. thats all.i dont want to get into a habit of it. i know it adds to the problems i have; i really wish i did something else instead but past mistakes only make us learn; this is one that will teach me

im sorry austin

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