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Originally Posted by jackdaniels70744
Farenheit 911 was full of lies, only a few things in it were true.
Women have the right to choose if they wanna have kids or not, but not the right to kill their kids. And show me one thing cowardly that GB did after 911.

oh yea , right, liberating two countries, seizing the bank accounts of terrorists, and arresting thousands of al queda members is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cowardly. shure right. Hey what would Al Gore do if he won.
Farenheit 9/11 did stretch the truth in the section about the Saudis, and was one sided, but it did not lie. It has been fact checked and only a few statistics about the Saudi deals were stretched.

Liberating two countries? We completely destroyed both countries. Don't believe what the news tells you about us winning the war...if you research the situation, like I have, you'll find people hate their lives now. People are afraid to go out into the streets. The situation is even WORSE for women now, since there is no law and order they're getting abductded and raped even more frequently. People are dying every day. It's complete and unneccisary anarchy. Thats not liberation, thats chaos and manslaughter. Why are we trialing Saddam Hussain with warcrimes when Bush and his wars that he's gone into for revenge and simply out of dumbfounded racism have killed far more people.

Man what are yall a bunch of democrats? The two party system is flawed and tears apart our nation. Hey kerry is a dumbass. Bush cut everyones taxes. And then he put up with the airheads representing the democratic party(which is full of smart people and represented by dumbasses) saying tat he was going to bring bak the draft. PS if u wanna reply to me plz do it on pm
Bush cutting taxes isnt a good thing. When Bush's term started, America had a 300 Million dollar surplus, due to Clintons good financial moves for the nation. Now we're 13 billion dollars in debt. Stupid tax cuts, idiot spending, huge cuts on enviornmental budgets...all this adds up to an idiot financialist. And noone wants the draft to come back. Kerry was a lot more intelligent on his issues than Bush was, and his quote unquote "flip-flopping" over the last few years shows he has an open mind unlike the phsyco-religious homosexual-hating close-minded person that Bush is.

And for good things about Bush like this topic suggests, I can't think of many, and most are things that havent gone wrong, suchas, well, we still have a government, and we're still alive, not good things. I can't wait until 2008
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