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Originally Posted by Gumleaf View Post
for some strange reason today i decided to shave my pubic hair again after i promised myself i wouldn't after the horrible itching last time. this is just a simple question - have you shaved your pubic hair???

Now, how do you go about shaving your pubic hair...

The best, and probably safest way to shave your pubic area is to trim the hair first. Trimming is important if you want to get a good shave. It will be easier to shave and take less time. You can use an electric trimmer or scissors. CAUTION: If you use scissors, be extremely careful. Trim your pubes quite short with the scissors or trimmer.

If you want to completely shave the area, use a lot of shaving cream. Make sure there is shaving cream wherever you make a razor stroke, that will help minimize itchiness when you are done. Another tip would be to try not get it all at one time. Shave the whole area once, then re-apply shaving cream and do it again. Do it as many times as you feel necessary. By using this method, your shave will be more smooth and a bit less itchy.

i was just wondering how doo u shave ur balls
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