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ok heres my most romantic dream, it was in July 2004...
The details at some points i dont remember, but i remember quite a bit..

My first image was i was lying a big hammok in the bahamas right next to the ocean with my wife next to me in the same hammok. We just stared into eachothers eyes and kissed here and there but then we started smileing for some reason and couldnt stop, not laughling, just smiling and a lil chuckle of laugh. Then we were about to just kiss again then a lil boy came out saying "Mommy mommy! Can i go swimming." Which is obviously my son, who seemed to be like 4 years old. Then my wife goes, sure cutie, go get your bathing suit on.

So then she goes back inside with for some reason. I cant remember. Then my son comes out with his bathing suit on and we run into the waves in the ocean. We played for like a couple mins doing random stuff like swimming through the waves and stuff. Then my gorgeous wife comes out in a 2 piece bikinni with one of thouse cloths over her waist... like thouse thin silk ones. Shes holding 3 glasses of lemonade and gives them to my son and i. But then she wispers into my ear, that our lemonades were special than our sons. Which i then realized was a touch of alcahol. But then i dont remember anything untill.

My wife and i were lying against a tree with her on my lap, as we watch the sunset of such an orangeish sky over the ocean.

Such a perfect dream, when i woke up... my heart was racing and i was like AHHHHHHHH it wasonly a dream, so i lied back down to fall asleep to try to dream of it again... but i couldnt sleep... it was like 11:15am so i was wide awake when i woke up... But yeah... thats my fav romantic dream

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