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Originally Posted by The-never-cycle View Post
Christianity does not mean following anything "blindly". I have thought through pretty much all religions carefully, and come to the conclusion that the Christian God is the only plausible option. The only blindness comes from not having guidelines to live by, and by taking a God (doesn't even have to be the Christian God for now) out of the picture, you also take away ANY morals that we have. It is a huge claim to say that there is no God at all. If there is no God, then you are saying that we have absolutely no purpose in life, nothing to look forward to, and nothing to hold us back from killing whoever we want, raping whoever we want etc. it would only be survival of the fittest, if that is all we are made for.
Declan, Declan, Declan. I truly did feel you were a fine, reasonable lad once, but now I'm not quite sure what to think. It's sad, if anything.

Such is my problem with Christianity, you see. Your belief professes a rather pessimistic, self-defeating and anti-humanistic world view. Can you truly hold a belief so aimed against your fellow man, that against some unquestionable ruler, human beings are little more than immoral, sexually deviant, murderous, horrid individuals? If you conclusively found out there was not a God, would you feel the urge to rape little girls, shoot up banks, take drugs and set the world ablaze aimlessly? Really? If the answer to a single question (Does God exist?) is the only fine line you have between sainthood and human scum, I truly feel it is you who needs to consider which one of us is without morals.

Atheists hold the belief that this is the only life we have. Is there hope for something beyond it? Sure, but atheists won't lean on that without persuading evidence. Whether this is life beyond this one or not is questionable, but there is a chance that this is the only life you will ever have. All the wonders of the world and the universe are at your feet, all the joys and pleasures and hardships and tragedies of this world are yours for the taking, and no matter what your beliefs, you are committing a truly disappointing act by not making the best of this life.

I'm in a bout of agnosticism at the moment, I'll admit. Atheists can argue with all the science they like and theists can argue with all the faith they like, but ultimately they're two different ways of viewing the world not meant to be mixed together; Though it's not to say one can't have both at different times.

I'm not going to argue science to you. I'm just professing my qualms with your belief system- That I cannot look down on my fellow human beings and myself in the manner that you do. I do have hope and faith in the human race to improve its ways of its own accord without being babysat by a celestial overlord.

There's a quote I did enjoy some time back, though my memory's fadey so pardon me if I butcher it.

The most dangerous people are the ones who get their entire set of morals from a single book.
I must ask you now, who is truly the immoral one?
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