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Originally Posted by The-never-cycle View Post
You and your attitude on various topics are really beginning to annoy me...
Your hypocritism is annoyng me.

Originally Posted by The-never-cycle View Post
Christianity does not mean following anything "blindly". I have thought through pretty much all religions carefully, and come to the conclusion that the Christian God is the only plausible option. The only blindness comes from not having guidelines to live by, and by taking a God (doesn't even have to be the Christian God for now) out of the picture, you also take away ANY morals that we have. It is a huge claim to say that there is no God at all. If there is no God, then you are saying that we have absolutely no purpose in life, nothing to look forward to, and nothing to hold us back from killing whoever we want, raping whoever we want etc. it would only be survival of the fittest, if that is all we are made for.
How dare you claim that athiests have no guidlines and purpose in their life! What you've just said is extremely narrow minded. You do not need to believe in shit to have rules and morals. It's not rocket science! Furthermore, saying that there is no God is by no means a greater claim than saying that there is one.

Originally Posted by The-never-cycle View Post

This definition clearly states that science is the study of the PHYSICAL world; therefore, science has not, and cannot possibly disprove the existence of God. How do you prove something through science? You do an experiment. Without a repeated and consistent result, the idea is merely that, an idea. How is anyone going make an experiment, using the physical world, and our resources, to disprove the existence of a Being that is far greater than us, and is not of the physical world? You can't.
Science does prove things - faith doesn't. We have evidence for our beliefs. What do you have? A fiction novel written thousands of years ago. Very convincing.[/SARCASM]

Originally Posted by The-never-cycle View Post
I urge you to, instead of just sitting there laughing at what you are reading, actually see if I have valid points
Done. My answer? No.

Originally Posted by Donkey View Post
Perhaps the entire argument [the death penalty] can be summarised in just a sentence.

We kill people who kill people to show others that killing is wrong.
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