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Originally Posted by Wayvrn View Post
Personally, religion is nothing but a some how non-illegal scam that stabs everybody it can get it's greedy hands on.

For instance, muslim, the males are the most strongest there, by far, they hold down people and cercumsize them when wanted, they rape anybody at will, they do whatever they like to their women. - Why aren't the women safety associates after them?

Christian, live your life blindly by some book full of rape, suicide, violence, incest, beastility, murder, revenge and the destruction of human rights. Plus, if you have read the old and new testimate without being a god botherer and blindly says "ooohh no, that is just god being angry!", you'll see and be amazed that people actually follow this shit. And I bet you, alot of Christians haven't even read both bibles. Sad, sad in the first place they are christian and don't live life they want too.

Also, science proves there is no 72 virgins for you muslims and there is no heaven for you Churchies. Science defeats all that you beleive in.

I don't expect to be popular, but if any of you agree to any of this or have to add or have similiar thoughts, please say so.

Plus, this is my opinion, do not get snappy, if I read any of you people's comments that are religious, I wouldn't do anything but just laugh, but, will not critisize you.
You and your attitude on various topics are really beginning to annoy me...

The first thing i would like to point out is that you are merely gathering the evidence that you want and fitting it to your will, admittedly a lot of Christians do this as well, and that also annoys me, there should be the whole story shown. You say that the Bible is "a book full of rape, suicide, violence, incest, bestiality, murder, revenge and the destruction of human rights." Yes, it does have these things, but...if you have another look, more often than not (only saying this because I have not read the Bible, front to back, but i have read pretty much the same amount of old and new testament), these things are quite severely punished (under the old covenant, wrong doings demanded immediate punishment). (If you read of any instances where this is not the case, tell me about them through PM or something, and I will get back to you asap)

Although, I do agree with your points about the sexist ways within the Muslim religion, as something I don’t personally understand why it is put up with. (But again, this is possibly just the extremists showing through and not a proper representation of the Muslim community).

Christianity does not mean following anything "blindly". I have thought through pretty much all religions carefully, and come to the conclusion that the Christian God is the only plausible option. The only blindness comes from not having guidelines to live by, and by taking a God (doesn't even have to be the Christian God for now) out of the picture, you also take away ANY morals that we have. It is a huge claim to say that there is no God at all. If there is no God, then you are saying that we have absolutely no purpose in life, nothing to look forward to, and nothing to hold us back from killing whoever we want, raping whoever we want etc. it would only be survival of the fittest, if that is all we are made for.

Originally Posted by Wayvrn View Post
Science defeats all that you beleive in.
Let’s have a look at this definition:
Originally Posted by Wikipedia
Science (from the Latin scientia, meaning "knowledge" or "knowing") is the effort to discover, and increase human understanding of how the physical world works.
This definition clearly states that science is the study of the PHYSICAL world; therefore, science has not, and cannot possibly disprove the existence of God. How do you prove something through science? You do an experiment. Without a repeated and consistent result, the idea is merely that, an idea. How is anyone going make an experiment, using the physical world, and our resources, to disprove the existence of a Being that is far greater than us, and is not of the physical world? You can't.

I urge you to, instead of just sitting there laughing at what you are reading, actually see if I have valid points, think about what you are reading, as I do when I read what others have to say as to why they think religion etc. is wrong. I am not really intending to read this often, and reply even less, but yeh, just putting this stuff out there.

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