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Default great conversation

this is a conversation with my friend.
(my additions/thoughts in bold and my messages with arrows before)

iM2good4U1992 (9:28:57 PM): are you homophobic at all?
MDTrachten (9:29:02 PM): no
MDTrachten (9:29:05 PM): r u?
MDTrachten (9:29:15 PM): y?
iM2good4U1992 (9:29:59 PM): because somebody sent me a message on myspace going on and on about how im a homosexual gay faggot
MDTrachten (9:30:19 PM): u r
MDTrachten (9:30:27 PM): jk
iM2good4U1992 (9:30:46 PM): thats exactly the kind of thing i DIDNT want to hear
MDTrachten (9:30:55 PM): im kidding!!
MDTrachten (9:30:59 PM): u r not gay
iM2good4U1992 (9:31:33 PM): people get called that everyday but when the person who said it say "just kidding" they dont realize what they just said
iM2good4U1992 (9:31:43 PM): how "just kidding" doesnt cut it
MDTrachten (9:31:46 PM): yea ikno
MDTrachten (9:31:54 PM): i got called lesbian last year
MDTrachten (9:32:01 PM): by some1 i hardly knew
MDTrachten (9:32:11 PM): but i dont think your gay
MDTrachten (9:32:41 PM): honest
iM2good4U1992 (9:32:47 PM): ok
MDTrachten (9:33:12 PM): r u upset about it?
iM2good4U1992 (9:33:19 PM): yeah
MDTrachten (9:33:27 PM): cuz i got really upset when the kid called me lesbian
MDTrachten (9:34:25 PM): we all get called gay
MDTrachten (9:34:32 PM): its part of life
MDTrachten (9:34:42 PM): u probably kno some1 whose gay
M2good4U1992 (9:34:50 PM): yeah i do (me...)
MDTrachten (9:35:03 PM): u probably kno alot of ppl who r,
iM2good4U1992 (9:35:12 PM): probably
MDTrachten (9:35:15 PM): its really disgusting that its an insult
iM2good4U1992 (9:35:23 PM): i know
iM2good4U1992 (9:35:35 PM): it annoys me how disgusting and inconsiderate people can be
MDTrachten (9:35:44 PM): tell me about it

A couple minutes later

iM2good4U1992 (9:37:57 PM): but you know how you said "it's really disgusting that it's an insult"
MDTrachten (9:38:07 PM): yea
iM2good4U1992 (9:38:07 PM): to me being called gay isnt an insult
MDTrachten (9:38:11 PM): yea
MDTrachten (9:38:23 PM): but the person who said it meant it as one
MDTrachten (9:38:29 PM): and tht is the disgusting part
iM2good4U1992 (9:38:56 PM): if you have the strenghth to admit you're gay, that means you have the strenght to go against the world to say what you think, how you feel and how you are

after this conversation i wanted to hug her so bad for letting her know some of my feelings!
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