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Default Re: The New Diary Request Forum

Originally Posted by Sapphire_Flames View Post
Title: That One Kid...

Description: Ramblings From A Very Random Kid

Owner: Me!!
Originally Posted by Mars View Post
Title: The Viral Video Hut

Description: Your source for popular, shocking, over-the-top, hilarious videos that are floating around the web!

Owners: Mars and Euphoria
Originally Posted by EverlostPoet View Post
Title: Everlost
Description: Everlost: to get lost forever.
Owners: EverlostPoet
Originally Posted by Aneklusmos View Post
Hey...I need something to keep me busy(er)
Title: Anek's Thoughts, Projects, and more!
Description: A place for Anek(and you!) to share anything that has been created! *Thinking allowed*
Owners: Aneklusmos

I do believe there are some diaries that are over two months inactive....
Originally Posted by TragedyInPieces View Post
*** Owner(s):TragedyInPieces, Origami
(Sorry for double post, having computer issues :/)
Originally Posted by TragedyInPieces View Post
Title: Tragic Thoughts
Description: Welcome to my mind, Where nothing is as it seems.
Owner(s):Micki, Origami
As we are at our 35 diary limit, these are all on the waiting list. However there are some diaries that have been inactive and their owners have been PMed so there may be openings in the near future.
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