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Default What drugs do you do?

No boasting please!!

Could you tell us what drugs you have done, and what drugs you are addicted to.

My story: I started out at about age 11, i smoked some hash with my sister. At first i thought it was herion and i was completly against the idea, but i trusted my sister and ever since then i've been smoking marijuana.

At age 14 i probably got drunk for hte first time, every week on a friday i would go out with alot of friends and we would all get drunk or smoke pot.

At 15 i tried cocaine with my sister on Christmas day, i don't know why im doing this, but i probably have a problem..

When i started college (im 16 now) i tried exctasy, magic mushrooms, poppers and crystal methamphetamine.

The worst of all, i have to say is Crystal Meth, its super addictive, it made me hallucinate on the comedown, i was paranoid about people looking at me through their windows, i could hear people talking abuot me.. That lasted for about 3 days.

The moral of the story is, drugs are bad, they turn you into a different person. I would probably have a girlfriend and be a top grade student if i never tried drugs, id also be alot healthier.

I started smoking 2 years ago, and im on 20 a day or so! Im hoping to be giving up smoking this new years!

Currently im addicted to cigarettes and weed, and i really want to do exctasy again, the other hard drugs i didnt particularily like.

Please share your story, what you have done, and what your addicted to.

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