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Originally Posted by Kiros72
You are connected either through Ethernet or a wireless connection, right? Make sure your network is under the same work group name (default is MSHOME). Change it by running the network wizard (making sure you configure it right) on both computers and also change file and printer sharing so it's on. Restart if you need to. Then, to access your F: drive, you should be able to by going to Start >> Run >> type this: //(the computer name here, without the parentheses) >> F: drive. If that's a little too messy, then go to My Computer >> (in the left panel) My Network Places >> (in the left panel) View workgroup computers >> (the computer name) >> F: drive.
Ya, im set up through Ethernet.
Ok, I did all that, set it up under mshome, but they are still not seeing eachother. When i go to view workgroups, each computer only recognizes themselves.
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