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Originally Posted by nwshc
Well said.

But also with that said, we can't just abandon the mess we made. If we can take troops out in 6 month, then cool. But only if Iraq can protect itself from itself.
I agree with you Nick
If you leave Iraq in shambles it will just go bck to the way it was
But in 6months the iraq army should be fairly well trained, there already policing quieter areas alone without american assistance.

Now in 6months Sadam will have been tried quilty and hung
There millitary will be strong enough to police the majority of the areas
the new democratically elected goverment will be on its feet
and whats left there to do the United Nations can take care of

Our global economy is shifting with the emergence of the Asian market
The last fuckin thing we need is for sum cocky terrorists to be harassing us
So I agree with america going in
But you've done enough
You've spent BILLIONS thousands have died, your economy and YOUR american citizens have suffered with the downgrading economy, the uprise in crime, the lack of response time in natural disasters, social pressure among teens etc...
Its time for America to put Americans first
Enough of Iraq
How mush assistance did america have when it liberated itself from the English?
If they can't take over from here
then there not fighting hard enough for it and dont deserve it


Alex if Ireland has a problem with the forces withdrawing
Then Ireland can go in!!

They didnt make a "mess" they removed a dictator that slaughtered and tourtered millions
They crippled the shit out of a huge cocky terrorist organization that was terrorizing the global community, that slaughtered 3thousand innocent american citizens, that attacked London.

The United Nations is more then capable of taking care of the rest of it
Hell the UN can stay in Iraq for the next ten years
Canada plays a large role in the UN
the largest amount of forces commited to the UN from the member nations is Canada
add that to the fact that canada is commiting allot of money to revamp our military (espically if Harper wins) and I think we can handle a lil police work espically with the help of the iraqy military in 6months time.

America is like Canada's big brother
now I was FURIOUS when we didnt help them to begin with
we should have stood with them immidiatly!!
Because i KNOW that if anybody trys to invade or attack canada
america would slaughter them
Then Paul Penis Martin turned down the MDP

So we owe it to them
America isnt as bad as everyone says
There just the most powerful so if ANYTHING goes wrong we blaim them..pathedic

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