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I agree with Died.Flame. A lot of my friends tell me that they say a bunch of corny things to their girlfriends because it gets them further like it's some kind of project. It's somewhat sickening.

But yeah, love is a scarce thing. Most just want sex.. Sex is great, I know if I could say "I love you..." and then bone a beauty, I'd sure as hell say "I love you...".

I'm glad the guy hasn't said I love you yet. It shows that he's not so drawn in with pop culture, like how kids always say I love you to their girlfriend even if they just started going out. It shouldn't be like that. I have had a crush on this girl for a while, I never once said I love her.

I love being around her, and when I am I feel like I'm actually worth a dime, but yeah. I don't love her. If I had a choice between my brother or mother or someone to live instead of them, I'd pick my bro or mom. Y'know why? Because I actually love them.

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