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Default Re: GUYS - Where is your favorite place to jack off?

Age - 15

Str8/Gay/Bi/Curious - bi

Where is your favorite place to jack off? bed, on my floor, and on the couch in my room

- Why here? i can spread out and be comfortable

-Have you ever been caught? yeah....

--If yes, by who? What happened my mom and my sister, my mom said what she had come in to say and then left. her expression was neutral. my sis 17 now was kinda grossed out and left. i was able to cover myself before either of them came in, it was obvious what i had been doing

Where is somewhere that you would like to jack off that you haven't before? i don't really want to anywhere else

"Please don't go just yet
Can you stay a moment please
We can dance together
We can dance forever"
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