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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

I love that one, Jimy!


There's a successful knight living in the medieval times in a town of england. One day, he gets a message that the king and his army are going on a crusade and that he will be the second-in-command of the King. The knight has a very beautiful wife, and he thinks, "If i leave, the men of the town will rape her", so he buys her a chastity belt.
Next, he thinks, "What if i die in the crusades and don't come back? Then she will not be able to have sex at all!" So he gives the key of the chastity belt to his best friend and says to him, "If i die in battle, give the key to her, so she can be free again"

The next day, the knight starts for London, where the army will meet. After hehas gotten out of the city, his friend rushes after him, shouting "You gave me the wrong key!!"

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