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I got a question about Pre-Cum.

When i masturbate,or get an Erection, i dont produce it, im 15 years old and ive only seen Pre-Cum come out once when i was a bit younger(younger as in a year or two ago) but it dont happen anymore, why is that?

Originally Posted by BillyBob247 View Post
Ok, i am 14, and when i masturbate i dont ejaculate and its pissin me off, i have like 30-50 long curled pubes and no pit hair. Plus when i jak off i do it like my penis is a stick and im making a fire with it by rubbing my hands back and fourth on the shaft of my penis, and when i try doing it the normal way i get nothing out of it.....WHATS WRONG???

Maybe your not Masturbating the way you want to, i have to pump alot to be able to "Oragasm".

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Sorry bout the Double Post, I'm new to using Forums.

Thanks for the apology, but unfortunately, by apologizing, you double posted again.
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