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Originally Posted by punkjake View Post
Yes,just like you have no proof we came from monkeys,because it IS just a theory something which has no proof but of its own just like you have faith we all just rot in the ground and be become plant food you can't prove God isn't real.
You don't understand what a theory is; a theory is a thought based on facts and proof.
Faith is what's not dependent on proof, and religion is what's based on faith.

And the fact that our bodies physically rot in the ground and provide food for decomposers is a fact, not faith. If you go to a cemetery and dig up a body, you'll find maggots feasting on it's flesh.

And you're right, we can't prove god doesn't exist. We also can't prove that invisible pink unicorns don't exist either, but that doesn't mean they do exist, does it?
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