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Default *Finding Out* His Reaction

There was a long pause at the other end of the phone.

[on the other end] "A-are you sure?" he stuttered into the reciever.

"I've b-been s-staring at the p-pregnancy t-t-test for a h-half an hour."

[on the other end] "Kaytelyn... are you... what are we going to do?"

"I h-have to tell my p-parents... I'm afraid... m-my dad i-is go-going to k-kill me! What am I goin--"

[on the other end] "It'll be alright, calm down. I'm on my way right now."

"Are you crazy!? He'll kill you!"

[on the other end] "I'm not letting you face this alone. I'm coming over first thing tomorrow morning ok?"


[on the other end] "I'll see you at noon. I love you..."

"I l-love you too..." she heard the click of his phone being turned off. She then closed her phone and replaced it on her bedside table.

'How am I going to tell them?' she asked herself. Her last thought before drifting of into an uneasy slumber was of her father driving his fist into the stomach of the baby's father; Mike.

"Wake up sunshine! Let's go sleepy head, it's noon! Mike is here!" That sent a surprising jolt through her body as she hopped out of bed. She quickly got out of yesterdays clothes and replaced them with fresh ones. She ran a brush quickly through her hair and followed her mom into the living room where the two men were standing.

"Kaytelyn, you didn't tell us Michael would be coming over today." her father said rather sternly.

"Well, I called him last night..."

"But you still didn't run it by us."

"Sir, this is really important." Mike said looking at Mr. Caldwell bravelly, at least more bravely than Kaytelyn felt.

"Really? Important is it? Well what is this 'important' news?" he said rather sarcastically.

Before he spoke again Kaytelyn made sure she was hidden behind her boyfriend.

"Well sir... Kaytelyn called me last night and... and she told me that..." Kaytelyn at this point burst into tears. Mrs. Caldwell immediately rushed over to comfort her, Mr. Caldwell however kept his concentration soley on Mike.

"Well what exactly did she tell you?" this was said with great impatience from Mr. Caldwell.

"Kaytelyn and I are going to be parents." he said simply. He didn't flinch or anything, he merely awaited whatever Mr. Caldwell was about to dish out to him. But nothing came from Mr. Caldwell, all that happened was his nothing. He showed no emotion. He just quietly removed himself from their presence.

Mrs. Calwell on the other hand had now burst into tears.

*Every long lost road
led me to where you are
others who broke my heart
they were like northern stars
pointing me on my way
into your loving arms
this much i know is true
that God blessed the broken road
that led me straight to you.*
~*Rascal Flatts*~
(^^^^me and my b/f's song^^^^)
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