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Default Re: Self Harm Calendar

Well she's home. Not found them yet thank god. Theres nothing like 10 mins with her here to apreciate the time alone. First thing she said to me was she is disapointed in me, that i never do a good enough job. That she cant trust me. She hasn't even asked if im okay, after a week of living alone. She admited to my sister that she actualy cares more about her damned dogs than she does us. I know im going to cut again tonight, i can't put up with her for much longer. All she does is moan at me, even in my GCSE's, she told me if i got an A in my maths and science she would be pissed off at me. Talk about presure. I would do anything to go live with my dad, just to get away from her, but i know he wont have me either. It seems whilst im stuck living in this house there is literaly no way to get over the cutting, every time i turn around she is shouting at me for something. It seems she is just trying to push me over the edge.
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