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Default I Can't Take This...

So at about 12am my mom and her boyfriend started fighting.

nothing new

he doesn't have a job, and has been living with us for free.

i fight with him all the time

i fucking hate his guts.

they started fighting about her wanting to kick him out. he said "i'll get a job and pay rent." she said "you had plenty of time to get a job (its been a year).
the fighting got worse, he said you can't kick me out, i've done so much for this family, i done so much work on this house. after a while of him yelling at her telling her that even if she does kick him out he'll still come back and he'll burn the house down, i lost my temper and yelled "you should be kissing her ass" becuase he has a gambling problem and steals my moms money and she pays all of his debts and his bankrupcy loans. he owes her a lot.

he said look at your daughter, shes out of control! she said " i can't choose my family, i chose you! theres a difrence! shes 14! your 40!!"

he threatened to bash my head in and hurt my mom and break anyones noses that get in the way.

they yelled more. the whole time i'm in the spare room on the floor crying. i almost called 911. my mom almost did too. i kept on hearing dial tones and then hanging up, and her saying get out of my house and him saying go ahead call the cops, look at me, i'm greek i've got the best lawyers from my dad. and he knows he can guilt my mom easily adn says :i know you can't anyway, you put me in jail once, i was just too sick to complain, i know you can;t put me back in their with the murderers"

then they went back upstairs, he pushed her bedroom door open and she said get out and he argued that it was his bed and hes sleping in it (she argued that it was her house now get out.)

i called my dad because it got quiet and he said he'd come over and pick me up (by this time it was 1am and they had been fighting for an hour) i told my mom and waited out side on the front porch.

even from outside the house i could still hear him yelling at her.

i'm at my dads now, but i can't stay here forever. and thats it i'm done i don't care i'm not going to live theri with basile anymore. i can't take this anymore because its really emotinally damiging me.

anyways, i'm going to sleep, some christmas i had eh? nite.

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