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Originally Posted by google_lover View Post
my potential is enormous.
there have been some really great people in the past, with enormous potential who have used drugs (mainly cannabis though) lets not forget micheal phelps, it's also known that george washington grew marijuana up at mount vernon (i kid you not, this is fact.) and also back in the day (a couple hundred years ago) it was punishable by law if you were NOT growning point is, you can have all the potential in the world, a little bit of weed here and there isn't going to mess it all up,

i am NOT trying to tell ANYone to smoke weed, all i ask is for everyone to be...a little more open minded, don't put something down based on what you hear through commercials, propaganda, or what your parents tell you.

believe it or not, cannabis can change your thought processes for the better, just don't let ANYTHING get the best of you, and stay mentally strong
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