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Default Re: Self Harm Calendar

17, left thigh, deep
6, left arm, deep
1, left wrist, too deep
i've noticed i seem to sleep better after cutting, i dont know why exactly. i guess its just the relief i get from it. funny how even the worst things have a silver lining. My mums been away for a week, shes coming home tonight. Im terrified that she is going to find out again. She found it once two years ago and went mad at me. I told my best friend about it today, but he is too busy with his g/f to have time for me. I'm not angry at him for it, i realy hope she makes him happy, but it kind of sucks to know that not even him, who was there for me since the start, can support me through it any more. I guess hes given up on me at last. Well its been five years, i realy dont blame him to be honest. Just have to pray he doesn't tell anyone else, or i am screwed.
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