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Yes, I used something like, if not, WINE on Fedora Core. There's more than 1 emulator to operate Windows under Linux, so just search around. And no, Windows does not come with 4 virtual desktops - instead, it comes with Explorer, which is much better. Plus, you can easily download a freeware application that expands to 9 virtual desktops. Oh, how horrible that you would actually have to buy (or download) a new OS for only $100 - less if you download it And you would find more drivers for Windows than you would for linux, guaranteed. Windows comes with 11 games by default, but ummm, you know what I really love about Windows? It can actually run games that don't come by default. Almost every PC game out there is made for Windows (and a good many are exclusively for Windows). Few games actually come in a linux form that's somewhat similar to the Windows version (i.e. a 3rd party recreation). Yes, of course linux is less secure, IT'S OPEN SOURCE - the only thing is no one cares about linux because most computers have Windows as the OS, not linux. So you actually found a UPNP exploit?! No way! The same that's been out for years AND has already been secured by updates? Heh, and even if you never update Windows, any good firewall will come with a "UPNP Port 5000 Block Rule" and basically any other exploited port rule.

In any case, this has gotten way off topic. The sheer irony is that the title is "haha linux is taking over" when your "evidence" was a linux screen saver on Windows, even though Windows has clearly invaded and dominated linux - it even has it's own emulator made for linux But yeah, need to stay on topic, otherwise I'll have to lock this.

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