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OK look heres the other side here...

Im jewish....

I work at a grocery store and EVERYONE says merry christmas to me and the santa outside keeps sayin merry christmas to me even though everytime i say... Happy Hanukkah to him... he gives me an evil stare....

Then when i say happy hanukkah to someone in the store... everyone looks up like i just cursed... they are like thinkin... OMG HE SAID THE JEW WORD! and all the cards i get from school and work all say Merry Christmas. Although im not jewish. And the thing is, at work everyone brought a santa hat... and i cant show in any way that im jewish. I cant wear blue and white ( the jewish colors) because its against dress code policy but people can wear santa hats and wear green and red. This is why these policys get passed. Cause u never realized how much u cant express urself when ur jewish.

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