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i've done coke, pot, shrooms, ecstacy, LSD, heroin (just once), DXM (if you don't know what it is look it up) ambien, xanax, hydros, oxy conton, alcohol (yes, it is considered a drug), and loads of other pharms that i can't remember the names of. and i am still getting A's and B's in school and i plan on going to a good 4 year college,

the last time i've done a serious drug was february 14 and i took 2 pills of ecstacy at a rave. I AM NOT CONDONING OR PROMOTING DRUG USE IN ANY WAY, but i do believe that physical addiction and all the other bull shit accompanied with drug use is a myth (you can flame me all you want for saying that but it's my belief)

and as for smoking pot four times a day destroying you...get real, it's a plant, it harms your lungs, and IF YOU LET IT it will slow your learning processes down (hence the stereotypical stoner image) but i haven't been addicted to any of these drugs, i have never experienced withdrawl symptoms and i have stopped drugs cold turkey on a few occasions for months.
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