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Default trouble with my gf

ive been goin out with her for about 2 months now. at first we always used to see each other and like make out a lot and it was really passionate but now when I see her, its like she's not excited to see me. we hardly kiss anymore - im lucky to get a peck on the cheek (its not only about that)... its just i dont feel like she likes me anymore.

when im talking to her on msn and she goes, shes just like "bye" and signs off staright away, where id be like "byeeeeeeeeee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" and wait 4 her to reply before going offline, you know what i mean?

i don't think i've done anything wrong and she doesn't know i feel like this

she supposedly liked me for about a year but never brought herself to asking me out. i really hope sum1 can help me becoz i really like her and can see us havin a future together.
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