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Originally Posted by SkaItUp58
a friend of mine who is a girl told me she liked me. i didnt feel the same way cause...well thats beyond the point, the point being that i gently turned her down and we are still great friends. yeh there was a little sexual tenssion at first but it all turned out fine. now im not telling you that you should tell this guy because this is a diferent situation and all people are different...but most people cant just drop a friend. hope something helped.
no bullshit now but that happened to me. she was, well still is, my best friend and she sat me down at her house told me she had a crush on me for a few months but i was going out with someone at the time, and still am. so that put me in a difficult position. i told her that nothing could happen because i was going out with this other girl and she understood. this was about a month or two ago and we've both forgotten about it now - things are as they were

long story short - go for it
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