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Originally Posted by Se7en
ummm not that i wanted ur input but my question on what tehyw ere doing there was regarding the please shut the fuck up
dante your a fucking moron, and ur pmsing. here i think you need some of these:

oh btw matt kicks ass. he caught u being a fool,, --claps--

you ASKED ME A QUESTION, and then when i answered it all of a sudden im off topic? get real u tard. in the above quote i captured, u said u wanted my answer to pertain to oil. well guess what, IT FUCKING DOESNT!!!!! u asked why were there, and u know i dont think were there for oil, so how could i POSSIBLY answer your question and have it oil related. you cant just fucking ask questions and then expect me to rattle off answers that you want to hear. u dumbass. thats like if i asked you "Hey Dante, why should i be president? oh btw, the only answer i accept is 'because youre so smart and qualified, and more valuable than any other presidential candidate possible', and if u stray from this answer youre OFF TOPIC!!!

i mean come the fuck on, u asked me a question and i answered it, and now my answer is off topic because u dont like what it says? ur a fucking idiot. here let me fire this missile of truth right back at your face:

Originally Posted by serial-thrilla
haha dante your a fuckin idiot. you asked him what the american troops were doing there, and he responded by saying liberating people and making an election possible. dont get mad at him for answering your question.
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