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Originally Posted by Kid
Originally Posted by nwshc
Reliability and ease of use
ease of use, yeah

reliability, no, ive had many BSOD's on this windows install and i take many more precautions than the average user. with linux you have to open up a terminal sometimes and run some commands but its the same with windows.

kiros, you dont seem to know much about linux as linux runs c++ also, its just compiled differently

You say that linux is invading Windows, even though you found an emulator that's made so windows can run on linux???
i never said that, i said WINE lets you run windows APPS on linux

i seriously doubt linux is less secure than windows for the pure fact that i can run a virus scan after going who knows where on the internet and it will find less than windows if any at all

if you want your computer to run slow from viruses, get windows

if you want your identity stolen from spyware, get windows

another thing, some distros of linux can run perfectly on a flash drive
can windows? no, and it never will
Well you must have Windows 3.1 then Or your precautions are nothing to be boasting. I have had only one BSOD on my Windows, and that was kind of my own fault... (the kernel shouldn't be modified! )

Oh and yes, I know that linux can run dev-C++ but that is definately not the same as C++, in fact, the hierancy issues with dev-C++ are laughable, as C++ doesn't have issues (or course, you won't run into this problem if you don't use classes and objects).

I saw that you said Windows Applications, but I've used WINE (or one of it's clones) before on Fedora Core... Didn't just look like the applications to me In fact, with a little installations, the Windows emulator seemed exactly like Windows. Hmmm... Now isn't that funny?

And yes, linux is indeed less secure than Windows. It's open source and bugs can be discovered. It's not like you have to report a bug if you find it. Though most people think linux is more secure, this is only because black-hats don't feel the need to create viruses and trojans for two OS's when one is used much more than the other. Viruses can be made for linux, just as they can for Windows - Biology 101

I know, some mods of linux can run from a flash drive, and Windows can't normally. But you would also have to have a computer capable of a USB boot. It turns out to be more of a hastle than a convenience, especially when you run out of space on the flash drive.

If you want your computer to run smoothly and securely from the anti-virus and firewall applications it runs, get Windows. Simple as that.

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