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i just want to make this point, back in 1998 the US & UK went into Iraq to start a mission from the skies. The reason for that was that Saddam didnt comply with UN rules and charters ect (he sent out the wepons inspectors) and the US retailliated. Eventually the wepons inspected went back into Iraq.

This time around, the US and the UK and other allies went in without reason; they gave this bullshit excuse that Saddam was in the Axis of evil. You could say the same about Isreal but the Bush Admin wouldnt, but they say it about the Palestinians (which are however involved in terror campaings but ONLY in their areas, with the exception of the Munich Olympics). Bush is obviously there for oil; so what if there were elections or not, on the days before it a British hostages' excecution date had passes and there has been no word yet; the day after the election there were people killed in more bombing and suicide attacks.

Dont say Iraq is better off today. The only reason why Bush is slowly but is removing the troops is becouse the whole oil plan didnt work out well enough for him and he doesnt want to make a scene.

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