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Default Re: Ban the user above you

Banned for criticizing Jake's actions and confusing Eryka.

[Note: Dammit Jake, now I have to change mine again. Lol, Bloodshedpoet, you realize I've had that since before we met? That's like way before REL and MPR, dude that's like BSD days wow. xD I remember that because Falconss [Blooddaggers and Xcloudstrife later] is the one who helped me think of it.

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Originally Posted by Aves
Oh great, just what we need. Another text sig maker.
Originally Posted by Sage
Okay. That's it. I give up. From this day forth, I cease all efforts to try educating people on this forum.
Originally Posted by Maverick
Origami always and will be the best signature creator.
val <3 <3
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