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Originally Posted by Void
Nick, your the best!
Cyrus, go stick a stick up your ass. I infact DID attempt suicide! Lying about soe3mthing like that is sick! From you saying that cyber bullying doesn't mean does! Think about when your bud cody is mad at you or gets angry and treats you like shit. IT DOES hurt you and dont lie and say it doesnt. The fact is, you are incredibly mean to people.
Cody has been mad at me many times. Believe it or not Cody being mad at me really hurts. Mental scars are WAY worse. Take that from someone who has been beaten for many years.
hahahaha ur really pathetic. of course u could be lying and since theres that air of doubt i just flat out dont care about what u might or might not have done. if u can get so emotional over the internet i advise you to burn your computer and never come back here again, its good for your health so ud rather have me thrown rocks have you? ok well give me a chance and ill arrange for it

the last time thomas lied about committing suicide to gain attention, the whole site threw a SHIT FIT and he ended up being banned in disgrace. people were just apalled that thomas could lie about something so profound, and now when austin admits to doing the same thing im all of a sudden a bad guy? bullshit, get REAL.

edit-0- i just read what people said on this page, and now i have new things to say.

austin u tried to commit suicide a YEAR ago, and then u bring it up for arguing points NOW? no, thats irrevelant. a few days ago u made this thing in depression and u said "im going to end it" or something like that, and when i started to challenge you on it in another thread you ADMITTED that you A) did it so people would feel sorry for you and B) u acknowledged what you were doing was pathetic. so how am i at fault here for anything if all i did was expose something that u later admitted to. half this thread is completely different from the topic, which happens to be

is nick throwing rocks more harmful than me pointing out something that someone did. austin did NOT attempt suicide becauise i called him out on the truth, but joe tower might commit suicide because his backpack was defaced and people gang up on him every day and nick throws rocks at him. its differnet, its worse. calling someone a fag in real life is more hurtful than calling someone a fag on the internet. getting in a fist fight in real life is more hurtful than getting in a verbal fight on the internet. throwing rocks at someone in real life is more hurtful than 'throwing' words at someone on the internet. it is and u all know it. nick and cody are twisting this to praise austin for all his quote strength so that it makes them look better and me worse, even though theyve had their fair share of hating austin to. in fact everyone has, so ha

i honestly dont care either way, i dont hate him, its not that i dont like him, i mean i respond to all his annoying pms and stuff with cadence... its just he pissed me off this time and since i apparently have this great skill of enraging other people i just went with it. get over it, words mean nothing online. theyre pointless. one time cody called me "no better than binladen". did i cry about it? no. did i go cut about it? no. did i go punch a hole through my wall? no. did i lie about attemptnig suicide about it? no. will i always remember it? yes. but its not a fucking big deal. sure everyone has the capacity of being pissed off on the internet, and for good reason to. theres nothign wrong with being pissed off, but actually getting ANGRY enough to feel bad is wrong.

thats just not right to physically feel bad because of something that occurs on your computer. people arent supposed to sit down in their nice computer chair for a few hours and get depressed because of it, thats not what the internet is for. so buck it up buttercup <-- stolen phrase> haha. but really. austin, if i get mad at u.... WHO THE FUCK CARES!!!! really, just ignore it if it means that much to u

Originally Posted by *}Whisper{*
Dude ask Cyrus
I'm anything but stable
your stable in the sense that im 100% certain u wont commit suicide for the next 3 months or else i wont be able to hug u and then ill come and piss on ur grave :R

no, dont put yourself down. ya u cut but so does everyone else on this site. id say your stable, at least in comparison. ive told u many times how much uve changed since i first met you, how u were afraid to even type to me, let alone talk to me, in teamspeak. now ur a chatterbox and sometimes i have to talk over u to make u shutup
youve come a long way cody, a LONG way. u even said urself ur starting to "feel" again. id say thats an improvement. u used to be afraid of debating, in fact u still claim u hate doing it. Lo and behold, here u are kickin everyones ass in the debate forum. you ARE getting better and u are improving phenomenally. asldkjfsdl;kjfsaldfa ya back to fighing
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